Life’s Choices After Age 60

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Author’s note:  The great debate about whether our life is shaped by our choices or free will doesn’t really exist is highly relevant for people over age 60. This is when we become more aware, and often distressed, that we are in the last chapter of our mortality, with its many risks to our quality of life. In the precious time we have left, can we live it to our liking and aspirations, or is it too late to be the master of our life?

From my perspective at age 80, I‘ve identified four major mindset and lifestyle patterns that people over 60 can find themselves living – passively ending up in them, or consciously and actively selecting their best option. I invite you to look at your Self to determine which choice you have made and if you want to stay the course or change it – before it’s too late. In the form of an accessible poem, I’ve described what I view as the four major choices awaiting seniors.

Your Choices shape your life! … you have no Free Will!

That’s the debate … confusing or giving you a thrill

Among the states of mind directing life’s course

Of the options one of them you must endorse

Drift, Dementia, Death, Delight made my list

Sculpting our journey to either flourish or exist

Drift happens when we redo what we’ve done

Whether resulting in pain, boredom or fun

Worshipping Routine … safe yet no room

For better practices to make a life bloom

Time occupied … as life’s quality slides downhill

Until escaping via busyness, alcohol or a pill

Dementia takes hold as the mind stops working

Science explains how the brain’s not perking

Or see the disease as an Unconscious Solution

When living isn’t valued we reverse our evolution

What am I? Who are you? What are we doing?

Entrapped in a fog … bewildered in a dream

Death strikes causing life’s flame to go out

Coming as a surprise or heading to a final rout

Substituting a dark space of pure nothingness

Or imagining Heaven’s paradise or Hell’s distress

Living without purpose the walking dead types

Death wields the sword to silence their gripes

Delight is the way I aspire to live before I expire

Celebrating love, joy, peace feeds my fire

Enjoying a light touch to navigating this life

Emphasizing fulfillment … minimizing strife

At a higher level aglow with spiritual Light

Guiding the ride with inspiration and insight

Larry Rosenberg, in his new role as The Wisdom Troubadour, is passionate about writing personal poetry that appeals to seniors who want to celebrate and clarify the final chapter of their life. If you have an issue facing seniors, please let me know what it is and I shall consider if for my next poem. Feel free to contact him at or 928-202-0010.

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