Mark Meridy, executive director of Dorot USA, getting volunteers to help the elderly, on the JSA Podcast

This week’s guest on the Jewish Sacred Aging Podcast is Mark Meridy, executive director of New York-based Dorot USA, a nonprofit organization whose goal is to alleviate social isolation and provide concrete services to older adults. For more than four decades, DOROT has been an innovative leader in the fields of aging services and volunteerism.

DOROT’s diverse set of programs, as well as its focus on providing intergenerational connections to seniors, has ensured that DOROT’s clients have access to the resources they need to age with dignity, independence, and grace.

About the Guest

Mark L. Meridy, a management specialist with expertise in gerontology, assumed the reins as Executive Director of DOROT in September 2009. He has over 25 years experience in non-profit management and administration, having served most recently as Director of Operations for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in Washington, D.C. Mark also served at B’nai B’rith International as a specialist in senior housing issues, Deputy Director for the agency’s Center for Public Policy, and Associate Executive Vice President. During this time, he was the organization’s liaison to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and to various congressional committees that focus on aging issues. Prior to joining B’nai B’rith, Mark was involved with a range of elder-related issues including senior transportation, home care, and day care for the elderly. He holds a Master’s of Public Administration and a Certificate in Gerontology from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University and a Bachelor’s in Political Science from American University.

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