Aging Agelessly – Advice from Merlin the Wizard (at 1,500 Years Old)

Greetings, I’m Merlin the Wizard

Been called a Mentor, Sage, Healer, Bard,

Wildman, Druid, Dragon Tamer, Lover and Jokester

Born in the 5th century

After the Romans left what we now call

England, Wales and Scotland

That makes me 1,500 years old, give or take

Hey, I look pretty good for my age

Those aren’t wrinkles, but wisdom lines

Except for my white hair, I can pass for 300

Ever wonder how a Wizard makes Magic?

By mastered the art of creating illusions

With spells, potions and shapeshifting

But our real purpose is finding deeper truths

One of which has been my priority:

Living to an awesome age with full vitality

What’s the secret of my 1,500-year life?

It’s eating peanut butter and jelly daily – just kidding

Of course, it’s my style of Wizardly Magic 

Which I’ve dubbed Adventurous Aging

You can live your senior life as a series of adventures –

exciting, novel, daring, learning, meaningful and fulfilling

Actively engage your Life Force

Avoid getting into a rut, feeling bored,

slowing down, sliding downwards, and, ucky, being old

Stay flexible and open

Keep your creative juices flowing

Live from your accumulated wisdom

Be of valuable service to others

Heartful new activities will renew you

Rejuvenating your body, mind and spirit

Then, like me at 1,500 years, age won’t matter

We are ageless – repeat it several times to install it in your brain

Age doesn’t matter – it’s only a number and illusion

Marked by outdated cultural stereotypes and biases

Limiting your vision of life’s potential and possibilities

It’s your thoughts and feelings that run your life

Your mindset, lifestyle, wisdom and superpowers

A high quality of life adds a larger quantity of years

With wellness, passion, purpose, people, fulfillment and peace

I invite you to embrace my Magical Attitude

To transform how you view aging and live life fully

Your Heart tells you the Truth

It’s the Mirror that Lies to you

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