Mining Our Tradition: Spiritual Challenges of the Covid-19 Pandemic

New Seminar Series Announcement – Of Interest to the Wider Jewish Community

A series of four seminars/discussions that speak to current challenges faced by individuals and families in light of the pandemic.

These seminars are free but registration is required. Donations are especially appreciated at this time. 

Upon registration you will be sent the session Zoom room number.

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Save the Dates!  Zoom sessions on Sundays, starting at 4:00 pm EDT, 1:00 pm PDT, 90 minutes each

April 26: The Challenge of Caring for a Loved One in an Age of Isolation

Speakers: Rabbi Jason Weiner, Spiritual Care Department, Cedars Sinai, Los Angeles, CA
                  Rabbi Eric Weiss, Director, Bay Area Healing Center, San Francisco, CA
Moderator: Rabbi Richard Address

May 3:    The Challenge of Resource Allocation/Rationing

Speaker: Professor Laurie Zoloth, University of Chicago
Moderator: Rabbi Stuart Kelman

May 17:  The Challenge of “Where Is G-d in This Pandemic”?

Speaker: Rabbi Elliot Dorff, American Jewish University
Moderator: Rabbi Stuart Kelman

May 24: The Challenge of New Liturgy for New Realities of Care and Mourning in the Current Situation

Speakers: Sam Salkin: Sinai Mortuary, San Francisco, CA
                  Rabbi Shira Stern, Chaplain and Trauma/Disaster Relief Specialist
                  Rabbi Simcha Weintraub, Healing Center of New York City, Jewish Board of Children and Family Services.
Moderator: Rabbi Richard Address

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