Mishpatim: What Angel Guides You?

The Torah portion this week, “Mishpatim” (Exodus 21f) begins the long legal narrative of Torah. As the Israelites are beginning their journey, we are introduced to a long recitation of laws, designed to bind the society together. The list is long and inclusive, everything from social interaction, to economics and includes the beginning texts for Kashrut (23:19) and abortion.(21:22)
There is semester of content here and so many sermons and articles have been authored on the portion’s content.
Let me skip to a verse not often commented on. Exodus 23:20: “I am sending an angel before you to guard you on the way and to bring you to the place that I have made ready.” This verse struck me as something very dear this past week as I was asked to speak at the funeral of a life long friend who died very suddenly. As I looked at the verse and just let it speak to me, it occurred to me that in many ways, as we get older and lose friends, that their soul may indeed become part of our own consciousness. I know that this may be impossible to prove. However, look back on your own life and the people who have had the most impact on it. Many may have died.They may have been (or are) parents, teachers, close friends with whom you have shared so much of life. All of a sudden they are no longer physically here. Yet, something of them remains and that something, often in moments of need or concern, becomes present in our own souls. Is that what an angel is now?
Judaism has a rich history of angelology. We often repress it in these days, but it is there. Perhaps the souls and spirits of friends and parents who helped shape our lives before death, find their way into our souls and serve as “angels” now, guiding us and reminding us of the paths we should take and the choices we should make. Maybe these are truly our guardian angels? In any event, I would like to think that this may be so.
Rabbi Richard F Address

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  1. Perhaps thoughts of ‘angels’ or ‘stars in the sky’ are beyond rationality for some. But surely thoughts of those no longer with us…advice given to us, compassion shown to us…give them eternal life. A powerful message for those of us still here.

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