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At age 80 and in fine shape (in body, mind, emotions and soul), I’m practicing myself and sharing with others who are over age 60 (or when they identify as old) a positive way for seniors to live. Based on my difficult aging experience of the past 20 years, I created a holistic wellbeing system, which I call Adventurous Aging. The aim is to:

  • Lower the risks of having the problems and worries associated with advanced aging.
  • Raise the prospects for living with health, positivity, purpose, passion and longevity.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve been challenged by a digestive ailment, colon cancer, sluggish energy, retirement identity confusion, and loved ones lost. And I have felt the distress that my lifeforce was fading, and I might die before I fully lived.

Because I’d been pretty healthy, active and successful all my life, aging’s attacks both shocked and weakened me. Suddenly, I was aging poorly — having never before experienced elderhood, or thought to prepare! I felt betrayed by my body, mind and emotions, as well as separated from my soul. I was wandering in an active minefield and wondering about my life’s viability. I wanted desperately to know: Is there an alternative to being blown along to and finally through death’s door?

Fortunately, as usually happens when I feel disoriented and threatened, my resilience and determination kicked in. I looked in the mirror and said to myself, I want to strengthen my health, banish my shadowy fears, and have a life that’s fascinating and fulfilling. A life that is worthwhile to me and of service to my rapidly aging Baby Boomer generation.

So, I drew a line in the sand and found support for new ways to achieve healing, inspiration and happiness (thriving), as opposed to muddling through an existence (surviving). I knew that I could take myself only so far, so I found professional guidance — encompassing medical and holistic practitioners, and healing and preventive methods. I was resolute about not being a victim, anxiously anticipating further aging bad news. So, although my thinking was unclear about the details and decisions ahead, I started shifting my mindset, and shoring up a holistic lifestyle.

And, I’m very glad I did! This process became extremely critical — as in a life-and-death way — when I was diagnosed with colon cancer (stage 2). I urgently had to put together a program of medical treatments and holistic modalities. I rejected leaving it, entirely or mainly, to my medical professionals. I knew I must take responsibility to assure my total and long-term healing (no recurrence) and life quality (minimal limitations). I sought a wide variety of wellness approaches — especially natural and alternative ones — to regain my full health, prevent additional diseases, fortify my lifeforce, and renew my lease on life.

After the cancer chapter ended, I craved a more meaningful and exciting life. I accepted that my life was going into the home stretch. Now knowing the evolving me, I have endeavored to make my life more creative, uplifting and even provocative.

So, to reset and revitalize my post-78 life, I relocated from Arizona to Florida. As an opportunity nomad, this was the ninth time I have moved to new cities in my life. The appeal of South Florida was the large number of older peopled and intensive elderly culture providing an ideal setting to develop and share my two main offerings for senior audiences and clients:

  • Adventurous Aging — coaching, workshops, speaking and writing
  • The Larry Show — several original solo musical shows based on my wild and long life story and acquired wisdom.

So far, my Florida life has been a wonderful renewal of my life — with tropical enjoyment, new community and friends, multidimensional projects, multicultural experiences, and overall personal happiness (pleasure, passion, purpose and inner peace). 

Currently, having turned 80, my life is amazing, with many life-affirming adventures happening — involving consciousness, creativity, connecting and contributing. I am cancer and chronic-degenerative-disease free. I take no regular medications or vitamins/minerals. I am improving my life’s wellness and longevity — recently by:

  • Fasting/detoxing to educate my body about optimally relating to eating — food, nutrition and energy.
  • Raising my consciousness to be able to sense my intuition — which is the language of the soul (our inner connection to Divinity).
  • Immersing myself in a Chinese philosophical and meditative goodness approach to happiness, aliveness, health, longevity and service.

I am no longer afraid of the symptoms and stresses of late aging. Instead, I delight in my life exploring its boundless potential for joy, freedom, vitality, fulfillment and fun.

Now, my life mission primarily focuses on helping people navigate and negotiate aging’s physical and mental challenges. My life feels far from perfect, and I don’t know when my expiration date will come.

But I have a new paradigm of life. I finally made it into my wisdom years. I have dismissed the debilitating demons of advanced aging. I really feel capable, confident, creative and courageous – to enjoy my best life yet.

I now am fully present to the struggles that many seniors have with the dread, dilemmas and decline of advanced aging. That’s why I do speaking, coaching, writing and edutaining (the blending of education and entertainment) on Adventurous Aging topics. I don’t want my fellow Boomers to agonize, as I have done, over advanced aging as a death sentence.

I invite people 60+ to believe they can keep going and growing by creating a radiant vision and imaginative strategy for an adventure-infused life. One that is full of vibrant wellness, passionate purpose, loving people, joyful behavior, spiritual resonance, self-fulfillment, and peace of mind – for the rest of our Soul’s Earthly visit.

Learn more about Adventurous Aging at You can contact Larry at  and 1.928.202.0010 (Eastern Time, USA).

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