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As a survivor of a fatal car accident that killed my parents, I can feel the pain of being helpless in time of trauma while I laid in the street unable to move or assist my Mother and Father. This past week my family has begged me to stop watching CNN 14/16 hours a day and give my emotions a rest. With my journalism background and as a news junkie, that’s not an option for me.

So imagine my surprise waking up this morning to CNN as a blacked out screen on all 3 of my TVs!  All the other channels were working, just not CNN! I ran from room to room turning the TVs on and off!

I couldn’t help wondering if divine intervention was sending me a message to stop watching so much devastating news. That thought lasted about a second. I thought I’d give the TVs an hour to rest to see if they would reboot and restore my source of news. Didn’t happen.

I then spent half an hour on the phone with a nice Comcast man in some far off land who resolved the issue. He could not believe that it was ONLY CNN that was blacked out!

My takeaway: I do believe I was being sent a message and this is it: I can send my prayers to Israelis and Americans as a fellow Jew, I can donate money to various organizations to help assist in Israel but what I believe is the most important Mitzvah (good deed) I can do is to LISTEN TO THE STORIES OF ALL THE SURVIVORS WHO ARE ABLE TO FACE CAMERAS AND SHARE THE ABHORRENT ORDEAL THEY EXPERIENCED!




Living within their traumatic experiences right now, and feeling helpless, their voices and stories are all they have to give.

I believe it is our responsibility to give them the opportunity to talk, scream, cry and share their mourning process of the unimaginable horror of the reality of terror and trauma they experienced. G-d willing, our listening can offer them some solace and comfort, if it’s at all possible that they will ever achieve any sense of calm and peace.

May the memories of the murdered souls be a blessing to their loved ones and to all of us so we never forget. May the survivors someday find tranquility.

And please G-d/Universe, may the hostages return safely to their families and to the world. Dayenu. Enough. Amen.

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