New York Filmmaker Hanan Harchol releases ‘Awe,’ latest animated lesson on Jewish ‘Food for Thought’

New York filmmaker, animator, artist, classical guitarist, and teacher Hanan Harchol has released “Awe,” the latest in his animated series of educational films in the “Jewish Food for Thought” series.

“Opportunities to experience awe exist everywhere. Awe enriches our lives, creating openings for meaning, love, joy, wisdom, and connection to a mystery larger than ourselves,” says Harchol. “Too often, however, we don’t pay attention, and we miss these life-enriching opportunities. The animation examines the importance of awe and suggests ways to help us bring awareness to everyday wonders.”

You can watch the latest Hanan Harchol animation in the player below. You can get more information and subscribe for free to his animation series at


Harchol was a guest on the Seekers of Meaning TV Show and Podcast in January 2023 to discuss his work.

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