Passover, renewal and growth

For millions of us, this month brings a turning. As surely as the new baseball (Phillies) season begins, so does the festival of Passover. Its themes are well known to us all; those of renewal, rebirth, struggle in the wilderness and a hope for a better tomorrow.

Rabbi Richard AddressIt is also a season of memory and of the determination that, as with spring, we are challenged as Jews to be always open to new possibilities and potential.

And you never know where that will come from! Sig and Joy are two vibrant residents of Florida. They recently participated in a day long seminar we ran on Jewish Spirituality and Baby Boomers.

They accepted an invitation to jot down a few thoughts for us for Passover. Their musings are contained in this post. This is a season of transition and change for many of us. Joy and Sig’s message is simple, embrace the change, cherish the memories and be open to new growth; in mind and body and spirit. Have a wonderful and healthy Passover.

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