Rabbi Address Appearing on Artificial Intelligence in Medical Care Panel, Arizona State University, Sunday, Feb. 26

Rabbi Address will be a panelist at the Judaism, Science and Medicine Annual Conference at Arizona State University on Sunday, February 26, presented by the Arizona State University Center for Jewish Studies.

This year’s conference is entitled “Judaism, Jews, and Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning vs. Enduring Wisdom.”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed numerous aspects of contemporary life.  Since Jews are deeply involved in the design and use of AI systems, this conference examines the challenges of AI in light of the values of the Jewish tradition. 

Can Judaism help us build a more just and virtuous AI? Can Judaism instruct us how to live with AI?  If so, how?

Rabbi Address will present during session #4, “Artificial Intelligence and the Practice of Medicine,” at 5:15 p.m. Eastern Time/3:15 p.m Mountain Time. His topic is “Alexa, What Pills Do I Take Today?”  — Artificial Intelligence and the Fifth Commandment.

Conference sessions free and open to all, but registration is required

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