Rabbi Address Leading Zoom Classes at Beit Haverim, Lake Oswego, Oregon

First Judith Kleinstein Beit Haverim Scholar

Beit Haverim, Lake Oswego, Oregon, is very honored to announce the first Judith Kleinstein Beit Haverim Scholar, Rabbi Richard Address. Rabbi Address is the leading Jewish voice and teacher for the many concerns of today’s older temple members. You can view his work and the impact it’s had at JewishSacredAging.com.

In May Rabbi Address will teach three Zoom classes on Thursdays at noon on the topic ofJewish Approaches to Health and Wellness.”

The classes will include a look at classic texts, from our prayerbook to Tanach and Talmud to Maimonides,  and current thinkers on how Judaism approaches the issue of health. The discussions will include an examination of how medicine is viewed from our tradition and how Judaism is a holistic medical system, and how we treat out bodies is a reflection of our relationship with God and self.

This will be of great value, especially to our older members. Rabbi Address will have ample time for hearing from and responding to our members on what they are dealing with. Beit Haverim members can write to Rabbi Address in the weeks leading up to their classes, mentioning concerns they would like him to include in his classes. Please keep your emails brief and sign them with your first and last names. Please email him at  RabbiAddress@JewishSacredAging.com.

May 14: I Want To Hold Your Hand
How do we care for someone, how do we care for our self? Is there guidance from tradition on the 5th Commandment to “Honor and Respect”. What is a “theology of relationships?”

May 21: In My Life
Approaches to decision making as life ebbs. Is there a Jewish formula for decision making? How do we make “sacred decisions.” Who controls my life and body?

May 28: Come On Light My Fire
Creating rituals and prayers and meditations for the new life stage of elderhood. What is the role of prayer in my life, the power of ritual?

When Judith and Rabbi Berg began discussions about their first scholar, they never dreamed it would be a Zoom event, or relevant in this dramatic way. They did however, even then, have Rabbi Address on the top of their list. He has long been the force behind the vision of the synagogue as a caring community, something Beit Haverim proudly embodies with such commitment.

Three Sessions – Each will have a lesson and open discussion on the issues we’re facing during these times, with a special focus on our older members.

The classes will be Thursday, May 14, 21 and 28 from 12:00pm to 1:30pm.

Our thanks to Judith for establishing the Judith Kleinstein Beit Haverim Scholars. This exciting new addition to our temple reflects Judith’s decades-long commitment to Beit Haverim, and her own Jewish scholarship. It will bring blessing to our members for many years to come.

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