NJ Death with Dignity Bill: Rabbi Address op-ed article in Trenton (NJ) Times

Caregiver hands
Caregiver hands

In an opinion article published May 13, Rabbi Address advocates for religious communities in New Jersey to educate their members about the current Death with Dignity legislation being considered in the New Jersey Legislature.

The bill, A3328, would be similar to legislation in Oregon, which would allow for a terminally ill patient to end his or her life.

Read Rabbi Address’s thoughts on the legislation on the Trenton Times website here.

What do you think about the death with dignity movement?

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  1. This is After the fact….nonetheless –
    I am 110% FOR the bill!
    Yes – choice.
    Let’s put it this way…. If you oppose the bill and I am for it…..then –
    If the Bill pases – When the bill is available…YOUR CHOICE remains – – DON”T use it. You have lost absolutely nothing. AND I will also have choice – to use it or not.
    However, if the bill FAILS…you will still have your choice BUT I will not have mine.
    How is it I can be left with NO choice.

    Bill passes – ALL have choice.
    Bill fails – only SOME have choice.

    Baruch Hashem – it passed!!!!

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