Rabbi Susan Elkodsi Discusses Her New Book Project, A Collection of Torah Wisdom ‘By Elders, For Elders’

On this episode of the Seekers of Meaning TV Show and Podcast, Rabbi Susan Elkodsi, the spiritual leader of the Malverne Jewish Center, Malverne, NY, discusses her book project that will encompass Torah wisdom commentaries written "by elders, for elders."

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About the Guest

Rabbi Susan Elkodsi

Rabbi Susan Elkodsi received rabbinic ordination from the Academy for Jewish Religion (AJR) in May of 2015 and has been spiritual leader of the Malverne Jewish Center since August of 2015. Additionally, she provides pastoral and rabbinic services to local rehab and assisted living facilities, and is the incoming president of the Long Island Board of Rabbis. Her writing has appeared on JewishSacredAging.com, and she has presented workshops for Limmud, NY, for AJR and in the community, on ethical wills and spiritual legacies. She is currently working on a book that will share Torah wisdom “by elders, for elders.”

In 2019 Rabbi Elkodsi received a Rabbinic Certificate in Gerontology and Palliative Care from the Wurzweiler School of Social work at Yeshiva University, and takes advantage of their continuing education programs relating to aging and end-of-life issues.

She is passionate about helping Baby Boomers and older adults to find meaning and purpose in their lives within the context of Jewish tradition and teachings, and as part of a Jewish community, in however they see themselves. Over the past six years she has become an integral part of the Malverne Village community and has made many positive connections in the various Orthodox and liberal communities in the surrounding area.

A serial knitter who loves to spin her own yarn,  her essay about “Spinning Knitting  and Judaism was published in The Knit Vibe by Vickie Howell in 2019. She and her husband David have two children; Phillip a math teacher in Vermont, and Jacqueline who works in the beauty industry.

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