Roseann Vanella, family mediator and host of “” resources website, guest on Boomer Generation Radio

Roseann Vanella, a professional mediator with Advanced Mediation Solutions, discusses “grey divorce,” divorces by older couples, and the idea of “Bed and Board Divorces in New Jersey” on this week’s Boomer Generation Radio program on WWDB-AM 860. In the second half of the program, Rabbi Address speaks with the Rev. Dr. Cheryl Wade, and Rev. Dr. Eloise Scott, from Second Baptist Church in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, about our spiritual relationships as we age.

About Roseann Vanella

Roseann Vanella of Advanced Mediation Solutions
Roseann Vanella of Advanced Mediation Solutions

Roseann’s experience and credentials alone set her apart from other professional mediators. But Roseann is truly passionate about her work because she has personally benefited from the advantages of mediation.

A graduate of St. John’s University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing management, Roseann began her career more than 25 years ago with a Global Fortune 100 firm. She specialized and excelled in negotiating complex contracts – a skill that goes to the heart of her work as a mediator. Meanwhile, Roseann has also been a successful entrepreneur and local business owner.

Mediation requires a delicate balance: The neutral third party must be firm yet compassionate, knowledgeable yet creative.

Roseann is all of the above. She deftly handles difficult divorce and family issues with one goal in mind: A resolution that benefits everyone.

She believes in the power of mediation because she’s been there. Roseann experienced a successfully mediated divorce that allowed her to move on with her life. She also has been through a lengthy family dispute involving elder care. She fully understands how much families benefit when they mediate – and suffer when they don’t.

Roseann is a recognized expert on divorce and her words of wisdom have appeared in the Huffington Post. She also channels her vast experience and understanding of family issues and corporate business into a weekly radio show. She hosts “Family Affaires,” which reaches a worldwide audience through WTER Radio. Guests who are experts in their respective fields discuss issues that relate to business and families, and how to balance the two.

Roseann is also the Publisher of, a worldwide online community offering education and support in the areas of Special Needs Parenting, Divorce, Health Crisis and Aging Family Members.  In this community experts and every day people offer their support through education and sharing of personal stories. Roseann’s passion of helping families in transition is the driving force behind this wonderful resource.

Roseann brings a rare level of expertise to her profession. She received her certification training in family/divorce mediation and elder mediation from the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators. Roseann is among the few mediators in New Jersey and Pennsylvania to receive formal training in elder mediation. She is also an active member of the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators and the Academy of Professional Family Mediators. Roseann also was inducted into the Cambridge Who’s Who list of executives, professionals and entrepreneurs.

Fluent in Italian, Roseann is a world traveler with unique insight and understanding into many other cultures.

Boomer Generation Radio airs on WWDB-AM 860 every Tuesday at 10 a.m., and features news and conversation aimed at Baby Boomers and the issues facing them as members of what Rabbi Address calls “the club sandwich generation.” You can hear the show live on AM 860, or streamed live from the WWDB website.

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