Sandy Taradash: High Holiday Thoughts and Considerations….

"Rosh Hashanah 5769 - The Table," by Edsel Little, used via Creative Commons License on
"Rosh Hashanah 5769 - The Table," by Edsel Little, used via Creative Commons License on

To be fully human or not
To do or not to do

To challenge or accept
To have or not to have

To seek knowledge or inhabit ignorance

To grow emotionally or stay status quo
To fight or be passive

To contribute to the less fortunate or act as if they don’t exist
To cry out with passion or in silent tears
To forgive or live in anger

To share a secret or pretend it’s not important

To impact another life or not try
To be persistent or regret

To be impulsive or be known as too cautious and safe and miss out

To give compassion or be callous

To share your dreams or deny you have any

To share/teach a gift you are good at or let it go unnoticed

To have empathy or not care

To scatter rose petals for a loved one, buy yourself a treat or not

To acknowledge wrong doing or keep the secret

To embrace those who need a hug or look the other way

To zip line or stay in your comfort zone

To connect with those who are different than yourself or show indifference

To reach out and say “I’m sorry” or keep silent

To reward yourself with “warm fuzzies” or believe you aren’t worthy

To conquer or give up

To push your potential or stay afraid of failure

To give or not share
To embrace change or stay stuck
To adventure into the unknown or exist in shadows

To live in the now, believe in the future or stay in the past

To share your story/legacy or it will be too late

To be a mensch or not

To breathe and forgive yourself or live in discord

To tell someone you love them or just assume they know
To contemplate or not, all of the above

May this New Year be as sweet as a baby’s smile, blessed with precious good health, peaceful as a lazy river and bountiful with a lottery of love … Good Yom Tov!


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