Seeing Life Through Rose Colored Glasses

Photo courtesy Carole Leskin
Photo courtesy Carole Leskin

This guest blog post is by Carole Leskin, whose regular column, Carole’s Corner, appears on

Many people who follow my blog on Facebook have noticed that lately I have been posting a lot of short photo essays and my pictures of flowers and beautiful places. A few days ago, I received an email from a woman who had seen them.   “You see the world through rose colored glasses,” she wrote. She went on to tell me I was “foolish” and wasting my time being “unrealistic.”  “The world is not a pretty garden, she wrote. Don’t you read the news?”

She was not the first person to tell me this. And I am reasonably sure she won’t be the last.

I’ve been thinking about it. Why, I wonder, is it wrong?  It’s not as if I live in denial. There are days when I am angry, disgusted, saddened, frustrated and even frightened by what I see and hear. Days when my failing health and financial challenges seem overwhelming. Dark days.

But there are times when I take a breath, look at the world around me, my sweet cat, Lovebug, and the wonders and beauty everywhere, and feel incredibly grateful! I am reminded of the simple pleasures that are mine for the taking if I just put on my rose-colored glasses.

So I do.


  1. Carole, keep seeing the world through those glasses. Better to see as much beauty and good in the world than to be brought down by the ugliness and the sad.

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