“Seekers of Meaning” Podcast Guest is Irit Schaffer, author of “Good Blood, A Journey of Healing,”


On this episode of the Seekers of Meaning podcast, Rabbi Address chats with Irit Schaffer, the daughter of Holocaust survivors and author of the book, Good Blood: A Journey of Healing, Volume 1, in which she tells the story of her awakening to the power of positive thought and the connection of mindset to our physical and emotional wellbeing. From her childhood fascination with her father’s tale of healing from six gunshot wounds during the war to her own instinctive defiance of pessimistic medical prognoses, Irit’s journey reveals a grateful and increasingly compassionate understanding of her roots as her keen intuitive gifts come to light.

About the Guest

Irit Schaffer is an intuitive healer and founded her private practice as a physical therapist in 1997. She works with clients of all ages and sees conditions ranging from acute injuries to chronic issues that have not resolved with traditional treatment. Irit also focuses on prevention and wellness. While working with each client, she addresses energetic blocks, and limiting and disempowering beliefs that blocks physical release.  She, in addition, helps them tap into their own spirit’s wisdom & understanding, which becomes the foundation, leading to a healing of their body & mind.

Irit earned a Bachelors degree in Education and Physical Education from McGill University and a Masters of Science degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California. She is also a healer, teacher and author. Irit has an extensive background in healing outside the traditional medical box growing up in a family of holocaust survivors who demonstrated, on a daily basis, the amazing resilience and healing powers within us. Therefore in addition to her therapeutic background, Irit is gifted with intuitive listening skills that allows her to feel, hear and see in non-physical ways, that she uses to help clients in their own healing.

Through Irit’s physical therapy and healing education over 25 years she has studied a variety of traditions she uses in her practice – craniosacral therapy, strain counterstrain techniques, myofascial release, visceral manipulation, exercise training, chi kung healing, applied kinesiology, and wellness to name a few.

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