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Shalom. After several months of experimenting with different formats, we have decided to focus our podcast efforts on our weekly podcasts now re-branded under the title of Seekers of Meaning. In our conversation with our media advisor from Lubetkin Global Media, we will return the weekly posting of our podcasts on Friday mornings. This revised plan allows us greater flexibility in speaking to guests, as we will not be locked in to a specific time as we were with the Internet show. We will focus these podcasts around the title “Seekers of Meaning” as this phrase, in many ways, speaks to Boomers, and the issues that surround us and our families.

The upcoming podcasts will feature a wide variety of guests. Our May 4 and 11 podcasts will look at Israel’s 70th anniversary and the issue of the shift in support for Israel from Boomers to the next generations. Are Boomers the last generation to fully support Israel? The guests will be on May 4 Gil Troy who will discuss his new book “The Zionist Ideas”. He will be followed on May 11 by Rabbi Eric Yoffie, former president of Union for Reform Judaism and leading spokesperson for Israel issues. And a Boomer.

Upcoming in the following weeks will be:
Rosemary Lloyd of the Conversation Project on how congregations can develop end of life discussion programs
Rabbi Arthur Waskow of Shalom Center and Aleph/Renewal Judaism
Rabbi Cary Kozberg, chaplain on hos program dealing with Alzheimer’s and dementia
Dr Shoshanna Ungerleider of End Well on issues related to end of life issues
Harriet Rosen and Rabbi Elana Kanter on evolving national program to empower women

We invite your participation in these podcasts, all of which will continue to be archived on If you know of someone who you feel would be a good guest, let us know. Again, these podcasts will post Friday mornings on and be cross posted on the Jewish Sacred Aging Facebook page. You can send comments and suggestions to us here, on the voice mail tab located on this page, leave a comment on our Facebook pages (Jewish Sacred Aging and Jewish Sacred Aging Podcasts) or
Shalom and thank you. Oh yes, if you or your organization would like to sponsor a podcast, let us know so we can contact you.
Rabbi Richard F Address

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