Rabbinic Pastor/Cantor Lisa Levine Discusses Music, Poetry, Meditation

On this week's Seekers of Meaning TV Show and Podcast, Rabbinic Pastor/Cantor Lisa Levine discusses the role of music, poetry, and meditation techniques in worship and spiritual outreach.

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About the Guest

Lisa Levine is a well known cantor, composer, author, chaplain, poet and recording artist who builds bridges between faith communities. Lisa earned a BA from UCI and received her Ordination from HUC-JIR DFSSM. Lisa is the author of “Yoga Shalom” a popular Jewish Yoga book as well as the prayer voice of “Hebrew In Harmony” curriculum published by Behrman House Books. Her catalogue of 10 CD’s and 6 songbooks of healing and worship music is widely published and featured in many compilations. Her recording “Bridge To Peace” is dedicated to chaplaincy and healing. Her recent release “Jospel Jam” is a mix of Jewish and Gospel original music which unites people of all faiths and beliefs. Lisa received Ordination as Rabbinic Pastor through Aleph Alliance for Jewish Renewal in 2018. She serves as a JSSA (Jewish Social Services) Chaplain and Chaplain of Riderwood Jewish Community in Silver Spring, MD. Lisa is a Registered Yoga Teacher and teaches yoga embodiment as well as music and chaplaincy in conferences and zoom rooms around the country. Her book Heart of Light: Poems of Longing, Loss and Life has recently been published and is available on Amazon. She is currently the Artist-In-Residence at Temple Rodeph Torah in Marlboro, NJ and freelances around the country.


  1. So very tenderly relayed and helpful about “holding the space” for others.
    Much thanks from midtown Sacramento

  2. Reb Lisa Levine’s personable melding of yoga and spiritual Judaism is a unique enriching experience. Her original music and arrangements are integrated into the yoga practice and takes one beyond one’s physical challenges. Her program is an asset to any Congregation seeking to give their members of all ages and skill levels an inviting path to explore their Jewish past present and future.

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