Seeking Some Meaningful Issues: A Quick Ask

SO Hannukah is approaching in a few days. A festival of re-dedication in tradition. This Fall has been one of busy travel for Jewish Sacred Aging. We have encountered a lot of issues as we spoke with congregations and Federation groups. That got me to thinking as to what is on your minds as we enter this age of longevity. What issues now come to the fore in your life? In what ways do you seek to “rededicate” you spiritual self as you age? So, here is a quick favor. If you can, take about a minute to jot down the first few things that come to your mind in asnwer to this question:
“Seeking meaning in my life as it unfolds to my future, these are some of the issues that have become important to me. These are issues that I would like to discuss with my family and learn more about how my Judaism can be a guide and support”.
I have been collecting some answers to this simple request for the past month. Trends are developing and I invite you to be part of this very informal and very unscientific survey. I plan to let you know the results within a month. We are very interested in the issues that are now emerging in our lives as we embrace and confront our own aging process.
Please take a minute or so to answer this question and e-mail your response back to me at


  1. As a geriatric social worker, I see the need for real community for all. As we age, many of our peers are sick,recently widowed, aging LBGT individuals who lived a long time with a secret, and those who have never married who are alone with no family,etc The sense of belonging to is of great importance to a complete successful process. Many do not have that. The old concept of Jewish community organizations (outside of synagogues) hardly exist Anymore. Community for elders needs to be absolute for well round and long lasting aging.

  2. How will my family deal with death and dying as I age?
    Will my family respect my wishes for my health care needs in the future?

What are your thoughts?

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