She’s Gone!

Where is Carole?

Oh no!

I seem to have lost me!


I’ve looked everywhere.

It just isn’t fair.

I have no idea

Where she could be!

It’s frightening you see

To live without me!


I think she got tired

Of being so sick.

And being alone.

Always at home.

It is no way to live.


So she just stole away.

Not willing to stay.

Not even for just

One more day.


I really don’t blame her,

I would do the same thing

If only I could.

It would feel oh so good

To be free.


But I don’t know how.

And as things stand now

I just can’t see

Why she would want to be me.


So – who am I now?

What can I do?

The options I have

Are only a few.

The best choice they say

Is to live day by day.

Accept what must be.

And find a new me.


She will be different I know.

Wiser, they say.

Learn to let go

And continue to grow.


All things must change.


This is the way

So the experts all say

To age gracefully.


Do not expect

The same life as before.

Time to leave the old me

And walk thru the door

Facing whatever it is

Life has in store



What choice do I have?


The old me is gone.

So I will move on.



  1. Thanks for your poem, Carole. I am facing some health issues and would like to have the old me back, but I don’t think that will happen. Keep writing and keep evolving…it’s not easy but you are a strong person and will triumph. Best, Mark

  2. I understand completely what you have written and share those thoughts you so eloquently expressed. Day by day is the only way.Be strong and continue writing. I so enjoy receiving whatever you write!
    ❤️Linda Jaro

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