Sh’ma Now: December 2018 issue deals with Panim el Panim – Engaging Face to Face

Susan Berrin of Sh'ma Now Susan Berrin of Sh'ma Now

Read the December issue of Sh’ma Now, which deals with the question of “panim el panim – engaging face to face.”

As editor Susan Berrin describes it, “The philosopher Martin Buber (whose home on Rechov Hovevei Tzion I passed recently on a walk in Jerusalem) explored this notion of sacred encounter over five decades ago in his pioneering writing on ‘I-Thou’ relationships. Buber inspired us to think about how we construct personal relationships and — over the course of the past decade or two — how we organize to create social change.”

You can read online or download a PDF here.

Susan appeared as a guest on Rabbi Address’s BlogTalkRadio show in February 2018. You can listen to that interview here.

What are your thoughts?

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