SOM Pod: Avidor and Irit Rabinovich, founders of “Happy Seniors” Website in Israel

The guests on this episode of the Seekers of Meaning Podcast, Avidor and Irit Rabinovich, are the founders of the Happy Seniors website in Israel, which provides resources on topics related to the “third age,” information necessary to assist with problems and dilemmas related to aging, a forum for opinions questions and answers.

About the Guests

Irit Rabinovich: My name is Irit Rabinovich, the creator of Happy Seniors. I came up with this digital business in an effort to give people the important tools and understanding they need to help them to take care of their aging parents. I am a social worker, graduating with my first degree at the University of Haifa in 2006. My first job as a social worker was a nursing home for young disabled individuals. The experience was challenging yet exhilarating. I worked here for two years before becoming pregnant with my first child. After giving birth, I made the decision to quit working at the young disabled nursing home and take a job with a nursing home for older individuals. This was the best decision I could have made for myself. I was working with aging individuals and their families. Many of them craved some type of affection, attention and tenderness. If you provide them with love and attention, they’ll be forever grateful to you. People experiencing cognitive deterioration are usually the most vulnerable – even more so than children, perhaps.

Avidor Rabinovich: I am an entrepreneur, tech-savvy and a businessman. My personal passion is to lead and grow new and innovative technologies and products – from an initial idea to a successful commercialization. I have been working in the hi-tech industry for more than 15 year developing new products, managing projects and leading companies. Nowadays technology is a key factor in increasing wellness and bettering seniors’ quality of living. I wish to contribute my knowledge and experience to provide information on this important and fascinating topic.



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