SOM Pod: Roger Price, author of “When Judaism Meets Science”

Roger Price, author of the book, When Judaism Meets Science, is the guest on this week’s Seekers of Meaning Podcast.

About the Guest

Roger Price is a graduate of the University of Michigan and the University of Chicago Law School. Since his retirement in 2010 as a litigator with a major national law firm, Roger has written over fifty essays on the interface of Judaism and science. These essays have been published and shared on numerous websites including Judaism and Science and Jewish Journal, as well as cited or used by college professors, newspaper columnists, day school boards, and elsewhere.

In April, 2019, Roger published his first book, When Judaism Meets Science. This book seeks to confront the challenge that science presents to Judaism. Rather than try to trim the Torah’s sails to meet science or the converse, When Judaism Meets Science both embraces empirical evidence and is grounded in traditional ethical values. With the tools of critical thinking, it identifies and analyzes a wide variety of issues beginning with familiar biblical stories and continuing through the difficult questions of the day, from abortion and allergies to vaccination and violence with firearms. It even looks ahead to consider the theological impact of discovering aliens on other worlds, a Jewishly educated android who wants to be counted in a minyan, and, finally, the end of days. The endorsers of When Judaism Meets Science highly recommend the book as “totally engrossing,” a work which reflects “careful research, passionate analysis, and good sense,” and one that “helps break the myth that science and religion are inherently in conflict, and instead educates us on how we can find wisdom from both sources.”

Previously, Roger has served as president of a Reconstructionist congregation and as president of the Federation of Reconstructionist Congregations and Havurot, a predecessor to Reconstructing Judaism. Currently a member of a Reform congregation, he has also taught at Hevreh: An Adult Learning Community, the URJ Summer Learning Institute, BJEChicago’s Kickstart, Limmud, and various congregations around the country.

Roger is married to educator, storyteller, puppeteer, consultant, and author Marilyn Price.


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