SOM Podcast: Rabbi Mary Zamore, author of “The Sacred Exchange: Creating a Jewish Money Ethic”

Rabbi Mary Zamore, executive director of the Women’s Rabbinic Network, visits the Seekers of Meaning Podcast to discuss her forthcoming book, The Sacred Exchange: Creating a Jewish Money Ethic.

About the Guest

Rabbi Mary L. Zamore is the Executive Director of the Women’s Rabbinic Network. As part of her work supporting and advocating for Reform women rabbis, she is co-leading the Reform Pay Equity Initiative to narrow the wage gap for all female employees of the Reform Movement, creating a model addressing employment interactions from searches forward. She has also launched the Clergy: Safe Employees and Employers program to provide safe, respectful resources and training to Jewish seminaries, working in partnership to enrich the campuses and train the next generation of Jewish leaders to create safer Jewish communities. Rabbi Zamore is an advisor to several institutions and organizations, advising on safe workspace issues.

She is also the editor of The Sacred Table: Creating a Jewish Food Ethic (CCAR Press, 2011) which was designated a finalist by the National Jewish Book Awards. Her second anthology The Sacred Exchange: Creating a Jewish Money Ethic (CCAR Press) is forthcoming in the spring.

Ordained by Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in New York in 1997, Rabbi Zamore graduated from Columbia College. She served congregations in Central New Jersey for 18 years.


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