Seekers of Meaning 9/2/2022: Hollis Citron and Susan Gross, Widows Group Organizers

On this week’s episode of the Seekers of Meaning TV Show and Podcast, Hollis Citron, founder and CEO of I Am Creative & Express Yourself Publishing and her mother, Susan Gross, discuss their experience creating a widows’ support group for Susan’s community and the importance of Jewish communities like synagogues creating and nurturing such groups.

Susan Gross shares her personal journey of starting a widow’s group at her congregation 14 years ago, and talks about how the group has evolved over time and how her own experience as a widow has informed her work.

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About the Guests

Hollis Citron

Hollis is on a mission to make creativity accessible to everyone by exposing them to new possibilities. She is passionate about helping people build the confidence to recognize, encourage, and express the innate creativity that they are born with. 

Creativity goes beyond the pencil and the brush. Creativity is your unique and original exploration, expansion, expression of your imagination. 

Even if you are not “an artist”, yes, you are creative being. You are creative because you are the only person that can add your gifts to the things that you create. You are creative because only you can express your ideas and greatness with the world. 

Susan Gross

 Susan J Gross has spent her entire life learning to implement positivity and strength. She is a retired Philadelphia career teacher who spent over 33 years motivating and exposing students to the world outside of the box. She always focused on how creativity and openness can be life-changing. Her main goal was always to raise self-esteem and self-acceptance in every student.

When her lifelong boyfriend and husband passed away in 2003, she could not continue as she was, and she had to retire. After working very hard to regain balance, she got her spark back. Susan decided to use her experiences to motivate and enhance the lives of other widows. She is putting her passions to work, helping other widows find strength, passion, and laughter.

Susan has two wonderful children, a great son-in-law, and two fabulous grandchildren.


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