Seekers of Meaning 1/6/2023: Rabbi Aryeh Goldman, author of “Love Peace and Pursue It”

On this week’s episode of the Seekers of Meaning TV Show and Podcast, Rabbi Aryeh Goldman of the Community Kollel of Las Vegas, Nevada, discusses his new book, Love Peace and Pursue It: Developing Respect, Compassion, and Connection in Our Relationships from a Torah Perspective.

Why is it so hard to speak pleasantly and create positive relationships? What can we do to improve ourselves in these areas?

Rabbi Aryeh Goldman tackles these questions and more, sharing Torah-based insights in clear and relatable language. Throughout this carefully structured book, he is realistic and honest, as well as optimistic and encouraging, about the challenges that face us as we try to navigate the sticky but crucial realm of interpersonal relationships. He digs to the roots of these challenges and shows how we can strengthen our own inner characters and thereby build stronger relationships. As he writes, “To improve in a meaningful way, it is necessary to understand our whole inner being.”

Rabbi Goldman shares many insights into human nature and behavior to help us in this task. He supports these insights by explaining the Torah values that guide us and by describing the models in our tradition that shed light on human relationships (such as the conflict between Yaakov Avinu and Esav as well as the way Aharon Hakohen famously helped people resolve their differences). The encouragement and concepts presented in this book will help readers understand their own inner being and motivate them toward real growth.

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About the Guest

Rabbi Aryeh Goldman

Rabbi Goldman joined the Community Kollel of Greater Las Vegas in 2016 after serving with distinction on the faculty of the Rabbinical Seminary of America for ten years. In that position,  Rabbi Goldman was responsible for educating and mentoring rabbinical students as they prepared for their careers in rabbinic leadership, education, and outreach.  His leadership raises the bar of Torah scholarship in Kollel and throughout the community: he is a rabbi’s rabbi.  Rabbi Goldman, his wife Michal, and their family are an invaluable asset to the Las Vegas community.

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