Seekers of Meaning 5/12/2023: Scott Kushner on Prayer and Ritual as Aids to Mental Health

On this week’s episode of the Seekers of Meaning TV Show and Podcast, information technology executive Scott Kushner describes his experience embracing prayer and ritual as part of a mental health recovery exercise.

Earlier this year, Kushner wrote for Jewish Sacred Aging on his experience with mental health issues and how his embrace of spirituality helped in his recovery.

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About the Guest

Scott Kushner

Scott Kushner began reevaluating his core beliefs about 15 years ago, in the interest of acquiring greater joy and meaning in his life. During this time, he’s studied regularly with several different Kabbalah groups here in America and in Israel. His most significant study has been with Chassidic groups, and has included weekly study, as well as participating in about forty workshops.

Over the years, Scott has given many public and organizational talks to Jewish, Christian, heterogeneous and secular work-related groups. His talks tend to focus on the emotional value of traditional beliefs and how to integrate them into our daily lives.

Scott is an IT and Innovation Executive, typically working with mid-size software companies. Formally, his background is in engineering, IT, and finance. He credits his spirituality with greatly enhancing his creativity and leadership skills at work, where he gives regular talks on innovation, collaboration, relationship, and work purpose.  Scott and his family live in Arden, DE.

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