Seekers of Meaning 6/9/2023: Berit Lewis, author of “Ageing Upwards: A mindfulness-based framework for the longevity revolution”

On this week’s episode of the Seekers of Meaning TV Show and Podcast, Berit Lewis, author of the book, Ageing Upwards: A mindfulness-based framework for the longevity revolution, and owner of Thriving Life, a leading mindfulness provider based in the Netherlands. Her firm offers customized mindfulness based training programs with the intention to enhance individuals and organizations ability to thrive and perform.

Berit Lewis shows that the story we so often tell ourselves about ageing – that it’s all downhill from 50 – is simply wrong. In fact, research reveals we are at our happiest aged 80! Combining her extensive experience in teaching mindfulness with her knowledge of how to live and age well, she reveals a simple framework that can help you make the most out of those extra years of living.

Ageing Upwards will help you navigate life after 50 with acceptance, self-compassion and mental flexibility. It’s also invaluable to leaders who wants overcome unconscious beliefs, limitations and discriminations related to age to create more diverse organizations.

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About the Guest

Berit Lewis

Berit is an accredited MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Teacher, trained in ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and also trained at Mindfulness in Schools Foundations (MiSP) to teach .B Foundations for teachers.

She is a category 1 member of VMBN (Vereniging Mindfulness Based Trainers Nederland en Vlaanderen) and holds a BA (Honours) in Psychology, a MA of Communication and a MSc of Vitality and Ageing. She has extensive experience in teaching MBSR courses in groups or to individuals.

Recently as part of her master thesis at Leyden Academy for Vitality and Ageing she developed, taught and researched an online Mindfulness Based Vitality and Ageing (MBVA) course for older persons. She has previously also developed a successful mindfulness course for teenagers. 

Before founding Thriving Life she worked as a communication- and PR specialist in Denmark and Australia – including 10 years as a communications specialist at the Danish Defence. Berit is Danish, married to a Welshman and lives in the Netherlands with two teenage children.

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