Seekers of Meaning 1/12/2024: Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin on Rising Antisemitism and Support for Israel

On this week’s episode of the Seekers of Meaning TV Show and Podcast, Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin discusses his new book, Tikkun Ha’am / Repairing Our People: Israel and the Crisis of Liberal Judaism, and the rising worldwide tide of antisemitism and Jewish support for Israel.

About the Book

Contemporary Judaism is facing unprecedented challenges. Today’s Jews have the opportunity—and the obligation—to reclaim a Jewish vocabulary of sanctity, activism, and the desire to stand apart from today’s world.

October 7, 2023 was not just one of the most tragic days in modern Jewish history; it represented a profound moral and spiritual challenge to liberal Jewish denominations in America.

It’s a challenge Jews have faced before, and we rose to the occasion; but are Jews of today up to the challenge? We have the opportunity—and the obligation—to reclaim a Jewish vocabulary of sanctity, activism, and the desire to stand apart from today’s world.

Tikkun Ha’am/Repairing Our People is a cry from the heart by one of American Judaism’s most prolific voices. His message: the role of faith is to challenge us as individuals and to challenge society. Rabbi Jeffrey K. Salkin challenges us to rethink contemporary Jewish identity, Israel, spirituality, and popular culture. Rabbi Salkin invites readers to think deeply about the contemporary world, showing that Judaism has a stake in our world’s political, religious, and cultural battles.

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About the Guest

Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin

Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin is one of American Judaism’s most prolific rabbis — described as “courageous,” “always relevant,” and “one of American Judaism’s true public intellectuals.”

His column, “Martini Judaism: for those who want to be shaken and stirred,” published by the Religion News Service, has won several Wilbur awards for best religion column of the year. “Martini Judaism” also appears as a podcast. He delivered the keynote on spirituality at the Chautauqua Institution, and has participated in interreligious dialogue with Christian and Muslim religious leaders.  

His essays have appeared in the Washington Post, Commentary, the Wall Street Journal, Tablet, Forward, and JTA. He has appeared on CNN and the BBC. He has contributed to scholarly volumes and encyclopedias. His eleven books have inspired vigorous conversations on such subjects as Jewish identity and culture, Israel, and gender, and he has written three Torah commentaries.

His new book is Tikkun Ha’Am: Repairing Our People – Israel and the Crisis of Liberal Judaism. Rabbi David Wolpe of Los Angeles has said of the book: “Tikkun Ha’am” proves once again that Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin is among the wisest observers of our society and our souls — a Rabbi who writes with humor, depth and clarity.” He is currently writing a book for the Reform movement — a commentary for teens on Shabbat liturgy.

Rabbi Salkin lives in West Palm Beach, Florida, and devotes his time to writing, biking, his friends and family, and consuming vast quantities of coffee.

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