Seekers of Meaning 2/23/2024: Meditation 4 Leadership, Meditation Training for the Corporate Sector

On this week’s episode of the Seekers of Meaning TV Show and Podcast, Steven Cohen (right), founder and board chairman, and Clayton Platt (center), director of outreach with describe the nonprofit organization’s meditation programs that benefit individuals and organizations.

Meditation and mindfulness teaching is a growing part of corporate wellness and leadership development initiatives. Meditation4Leadership teaches essential skills for individuals to cultivate greater awareness, connection, perspective and potential in their lives, to improve their professional and personal effectiveness, and to thrive in adversity as well as good times.

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About the Guests

Steven Cohen

Steven is the founder and chairman of the board of trustees of He is the author if Leading From Within:  A Guide to Maximizing Your Effectiveness Through Meditation.  The book has now been read by thousands of people and links 13 key leadership traits with associated meditations. His goal is to enlighten readers in understanding how incorporating meditation practices applied to key leadership traits improves personal and organizational focus. 

Clayton Platt

Clayton Platt joined Meditation4Leadership in 2020 following completion of a two year meditation teacher training program, while also serving as a facilitator for virtual digital learning programs.  At the time, Clayton was facilitating a Friday morning meditation group and organizing discussions around mindfulness for racial justice and inclusion.  Clayton and M4L colleague Lisa Gonzalez worked in coordination with DEI Consultant Lourdes Tango to develop our program:  Leading from Awareness:  the Power of Inclusion and continues to develop innovative content to meet client business needs.

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