The Western Wall, Jerusalem/Steve Lubetkin Photo. Used by permission.

Is Heaven for Real?

Having hope about life after death doesn’t have to come from a just-right-for-Easter book in the Christian section of Barnes and Noble, writes Rabbi Stephen Karol. That hope can also come from the prayers of Yizkor, from the Shabbat prayers that we read when you are at your Temple to observe a yahrzeit, and from the prayers of the funeral and burial services of Judaism. [Read more…]

Rabbi David Levin, left, and Rabbi Simcha Raphael, guests on the 8/30/2019 Seekers of Meaning Podcast
Seekers of Meaning-JSA Podcast

SOM Pod 8/30/2019: Rabbi David Levin and Rabbi Simcha Raphael, hosts of the Philadelphia ‘Death Café’

In this episode of the Seekers of Meaning Podcast, Rabbis David Levin and Simcha Rafael discuss the Philadelphia Death Café, where participants discuss a wide range of topics related to death and dying. [Read more…]

Talmud Torah

First you live, then you die, then you…what?

Editor’s Note: This guest post was submitted by Judith Wolf Mandell, author of Sammy’s Broken Leg (Oh, No!) and the Amazing Cast That Fixed It. She can be reached at or through the book’s website, No one knows what [Read more…]

No Picture
Reflections on Aging

What Happens?

Over almost forty years in the pulpit have given me ample ammunition for almost every imaginable inquiry. Sifting through all of those interrogations – some of them very formal and others closer to drive-by-shootings at [Read more…]