Rabbi Address, right, and Rabbi Simcha Raphael, during taping of their discussion for Rabbi Address' new TV show, "Conversations," which debuts on this website tomorrow night at 6pm.
Seekers of Meaning-JSA Podcast

JSA Podcast 2016-15: Rabbi Simcha Raphael, Part 1, on Death, Dying, and Bereavement

In this edition of the Jewish Sacred Aging podcast, Rabbi Address welcomes Rabbi Simcha Raphael, Ph.D., director of the Da’at Institute, for the first part of a two-part conversation about Jewish views on death, dying, [Read more…]

In a January 1962 photo, from left: Sandy, Marvin, Martha, Neal and (in front) Fred Greene
Baby Boomer Bubbe

What’s Meant to Be? The Randomness of Chaos? G-d’s Will? Or Is There No Answer….

Sunday was a different day for our family. It was the only day my Dad didn’t work, except for Easter Sunday, Father’s Day and the Sundays from Thanksgiving through Christmas. My Dad and his two [Read more…]

Rabbi Simcha Paull Raphael chatted with Rabbi Address on Jewish Sacred Aging TV.

Recommended book: The Grief Journey and the Afterlife: Jewish Pastoral Care for Bereavement

This book synthesizes an understanding of traditional Jewish rituals of death and mourning, with contemporary psychological perspectives on grief and bereavement. In addition, Simcha Paull Raphael integrates the traditional understanding of Jewish mourning rituals with [Read more…]

Rabbi David Levin
D'vrei Torah

Presence is an active, not passive, activity

Often we think of “being present” for the other as being available to hear them and be with them.  We say we reach out to them but in reality, we are offering to wait for [Read more…]

Reflections on Aging

Reaching out to others can be profound and meaningful

I vividly remember that September night in 1987. We had left the hospital earlier that evening knowing that the end was near.  The hospital called a few hours later to let us know it had [Read more…]