Cornelia Biddle, left, and her ancestor, Nicholas Biddle, about whom she is writing a novel.
Radio Show

Author and historian Cornelia Biddle, guest for the hour on 11/29/16 Boomer Generation Radio

On the November 29, 2016 Boomer Generation Radio, the guest is Cornelia Biddle, author and descendant of Francis Martin Drexel, grandfather of Saint Katharine Drexel. She is currently writing about her ancestor Nicholas Biddle, president [Read more…]


Rabbi Address contributes essay on Sex, Sexuality, and Older Adults to book on Jewish Sexuality

Rabbi Address contributed an essay, “With Eyes Undimmed and Vigor Unabated: Sex, Sexuality, and Older Adults,” to this book from the URJ. This wide-ranging anthology takes a close look at the breadth of human sexuality [Read more…]

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Reflections on Aging

What Happens?

Over almost forty years in the pulpit have given me ample ammunition for almost every imaginable inquiry. Sifting through all of those interrogations – some of them very formal and others closer to drive-by-shootings at [Read more…]

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Baby Boomer Bubbe

Have You Read a Good Book Lately? Judge a Book by its Cover…

This is how my son describes the books I’ve been reading for the past 35 years: So they were poor Jews in Russia/Eastern Europe, the bad guys came and burned their homes and they were [Read more…]

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Thought Pieces

Not going gently…

“Aging is not just a process that can be measured or a population that can be counted, plotted, and tracked.” So wrote Dr. Fernando A. Guerra in a collection of essays entitled (Aging, Biotechnology, and [Read more…]