Sandy Taradash's family tours Israel. From left: granddaughter Shayna, daughter Marni, and grandson Jacob
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Technology, Israel and a Bat Mitzvah!

-OMG! – Heavens to Murgatroid! – WTF! -Holy Moley! -Oy Gevalt! -WTH! -Heavens to Betsy! -Oy Vey! -Fiddlesticks! This is a fine kettle of fish we’re in when we can’t understand the language of our [Read more…]

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The Pr$ce of the Quality of Life?

I met an old lady with a gracious disposition and a lovely smile Who, sadly, lives inside her head Because she has no memory of anything Other than being born in Ireland and milking cows. [Read more…]

"Rosh Hashanah 5769 - The Table," by Edsel Little, used via Creative Commons License on
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Baby Boomers: Was there Gravy on Your Bubbe’s Table?

The landscape of our holiday table is changing. Not every guest has celebrated with apples and honey on Rosh Hashanah or had cold cuts on Break-the-Fast or read from the Haggadah while eating matzah. Whether [Read more…]

Sandy Taradash's hero, her Bubbe, Rose Ruchel Zupnik/Anne Hinka Glebmen Glabman.
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My Hero…Who is Yours?

My hero is my Bubbe. Rose Ruchel Zupnik/Anne Hinka Glebmen Glabman. She had many names because her life took her on a journey where she had to phase into new personas. The interesting fact is [Read more…]

Women buying produce at the Shuk haCarmel, Tel Aviv. Steve Lubetkin Photo/Used by permission.
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Sandy Taradash: Jewish Spring Cleaning! Honoring My Bubbe

Why is it that weeks before Pesach I unconsciously start planning when and how I will start Spring Cleaning my house? It’s because I see my deceased Bubbe floating over me like in Tevye’s dream [Read more…]

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Haggadah or Seder…I Have a Story to Tell You….

It was a dark and dreary, rainy day, perfect for reading, when I recently completed another one of my Jewish novels, The Fruit of Her Hands: The Story of Shira of Ashkenaz, by Michelle Cameron. [Read more…]

Exotic spices and produce on sale at the Carmel Market, Tel Aviv.
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Sometimes the Third Ear Actually Works

This past week I visited a youngish middle-aged woman in the hospital. She had waged war against breast cancer for three difficult, trying years and finally, after genetic testing, decided that a double mastectomy was [Read more…]

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To Daven or to Play Ball? That is the Question…

My Bubbe was a wise sage, Russian born, orphaned by the time she was nine months old, separated from three of her four siblings while she and a sister were raised by their wealthy/rabbi/merchant maternal [Read more…]