"My Gift of Grace" is a card game designed to facilitiate family discussions about death and dying. Its creators, Nick Jehlen and Jethro Heiko, founders of The Action Mill design firm, are guests on this week's Boomer Generation Radio program
Jewish Baby Boomers

May 6 Boomer Generation Radio show features financial planner Peter Hecht and creators of card game about death and dying

Returning to Boomer Generation Radio on May 7 is Peter Hecht of Hecht Investment Group, an affiliate of Janney Montgomery Scott. to discuss family financial planning issues for “club sandwich generation” baby boomers. Peter is [Read more…]

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Care-Giving Concerns

Moving Mom, Chapter 2: Finding the Right Living Space

Gil’s Mom has severe osteoporosis plus macular degeneration; two serious health problems.  Our goal was to find a nearby residence that would give her a social life and provide physical security.