"March for Our Lives, Iowa City," photo by Cora Dove, used under Creative Commons 2.0 License, via Flickr.com
Carole's Corner

One Day – Or A Lifetime?

“I don’t want to see children still practicing active shooter drills,”says Carole Leskin. “I want the power of their words to lead us to the land we promised them…a safe place to live, learn, raise families and grow old.” [Read more…]

Carole's Corner

A Soul-Full Family Thanksgiving

This is how I imagined it. Once Upon a Time, long, long ago, before even existence existed, there was nothing but Darkness. A color so black that it has never been seen again. And there [Read more…]

Item crocheted by Carole Leskin's grandmother. Carole Leskin Photo/Used by permission.
Reflections on Aging

My Grandmother’s Hands

It began as just another ordinary day. I woke up, stretched and gently put my feet over the side of the bed. I did my exercises, 15 minutes designed to loosen my stiffened joints and [Read more…]