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A Jewish Singer’s Christmas Journey

I had no idea of what she was talking about. Walking home one summer afternoon after a pickup baseball game, Kathy Cipley informed me that I had killed Christ. Kathy was a 9-year-old tomboy (a [Read more…]

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And We Thought It Was the Chanukah/Christmas Dilemma!!

Thanksgivukkah, Menurkey, Turkukkah, Thankschanukahgiving— Who Knew?   My almost 10 year old granddaughter is so confused! Her birthday is on Thanksgiving and she’s so worried she’s going to lose out, “Do I get birthday presents [Read more…]

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Do Jews Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Not sure if it was Hallmark, Macy’s or Congress (guessing the economy would be helped by the public’s spending) that decided we needed February 14 to express our love to those we cherish 24/7/365 days [Read more…]