Reflections on Aging

In the ‘old age’ home, a reflection by Rabbi Dow Marmur

Rabbi Dow Marmur, rabbi emeritus of Holy Blossom Temple in Toronto, Ontario, writes in his latest column for the Toronto Star that in the modern retirement community, living in the present is what matters most. [Read more…]

Talmud Torah

Thanking God for another day: Rabbi Dow Marmur

As people reach old age acceptance of limitations can be liberating and a new day viewed as an another opportunity. Rabbi Dow Marmur explores the issue in this op-ed column in the Toronto Star newspaper. [Read more…]

Talmud Torah

Making the time to value simply being: Rabbi Dow Marmur

Rabbi Dow Marmur is rabbi emeritus of Toronto’s Holy Blossom Temple. He writes a monthly column in the Toronto Star newspaper and on its website, In his latest column, “Making the time to value simply being,” Rabbi Marmur [Read more…]