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Levin, Friedman and Raphael discuss new book on end-of-life care in a virtual world

Rabbi Dayle Friedman, Rabbi David Levin, and Reb Simcha Raphael, Ph.D., discuss their newly published book, Jewish End of Life Care in a Virtual Age: Our Traditions Reimagined. [Read more…]

Rabbi David Levin, left, and Rabbi Simcha Raphael, guests on the 8/30/2019 Seekers of Meaning Podcast
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Jewish Relationships and Jewish Views of Death and Afterlife

Rabbi Simcha Raphael, founder of the Da’at Institute on Jewish Views on Afterlife  and Rabbi David Levin of the Jewish Relationships Initiative are the guests on the November 7 episode. Rabbi Raphael’s Da’at Institute is [Read more…]

Reflections on Aging

The Chain of Tradition

A meaningful connection between our elder generations of age 50+ and our synagogues has profound implications in keeping our tradition vibrant and alive. Active embrace of these cohorts is a key to Jewish continuity and [Read more…]

Rabbi David Levin
D'vrei Torah

Lech L’cha – But not alone

I had the privilege of officiating at the funeral and first evening Shiva Minyan of a lovely man.  It came time to share a D’var Torah during the Minyan and I spoke to Lech Lecha, [Read more…]