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Carole's Corner

Memories Revisited – For My Father

My father, Herbert Lee Axel, died on May 4, 2005. He was 88 years old. The last 8 years of his life were robbed by Alzheimer’s and he did not recognize me when I visited. [Read more…]

Blog post for Co-Parenting and Divorce

Editor’s Note: Rabbi Address is a regular contributor of content to This is a blog post he wrote for the site. I am a fan of Star Trek. The original, not the ersatz spin-offs. [Read more…]

Roseann Vanella, family mediator and host of “” resources website, guest on Boomer Generation Radio

Roseann Vanella, a professional mediator with Advanced Mediation Solutions, discusses “grey divorce,” divorces by older couples, and the idea of “Bed and Board Divorces in New Jersey” on this week’s Boomer Generation Radio program on [Read more…]