Sandy Taradash attending Hamilton with her son, Randy.
Baby Boomer Bubbe

Hamilton—The Real Message

  Tickets are expensive, very expensive, regardless if you are trying to see the acclaimed Broadway success in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles. (In San Francisco, over 500 people waited in a line [Read more…]

Cornelia Biddle, left, and her ancestor, Nicholas Biddle, about whom she is writing a novel.
Radio Show

Author and historian Cornelia Biddle, guest for the hour on 11/29/16 Boomer Generation Radio

On the November 29, 2016 Boomer Generation Radio, the guest is Cornelia Biddle, author and descendant of Francis Martin Drexel, grandfather of Saint Katharine Drexel. She is currently writing about her ancestor Nicholas Biddle, president [Read more…]

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Jewish Baby Boomers

Stories Bind Us to Our Past

From the Southern Order of Storytellers Newsletter, August/September 1992 I once read about a nine-year-old who went to a family reunion and met relatives even her mother hardly knew.  Back home, she wanted to keep [Read more…]

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Resource Articles

The Jewish Writing Project

Stories are a pathway to all of our souls. For centuries, people have related to each other, learned from each other and connected with each other through the sharing of stories. The development of “spiritual [Read more…]