Pontormo, Joseph with Jacob in Egypt, probably 1518. National Gallery of Art, London
D'vrei Torah

A Grandparent’s Blessing

Rabbi Susan Elkodsi notices that while the Torah loves genealogies, up until this week’s parashah, Vayechi, the Torah is silent about any actual relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. [Read more…]

"Joseph recognized by his brothers," León Pierre Urbain Bourgeois, 1863
D'vrei Torah

How do you reconcile after estrangement?

Vayigash continues unfolding the stories from last week’s parshah Mikeitz between Joseph and his brothers.  Joseph, Judah, Rueven are all revealing their struggles.  How each remembers what transpired years before tells us much about the [Read more…]

D'vrei Torah

Thoughts on Parsha Vayechi – A House is not a Home

Editor’s Note: This week’s D’var Torah is from Rabbi David Levin. Living in the state of Florida, initial conversations with new acquaintances usually had two questions asked early on. The first question was: Where are [Read more…]

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D'vrei Torah

Into the light of the future

The Torah cycle that we read this month deals a lot with Joseph and his sojourn in Egypt; his rise from prisoner to minister and his eventual reunion with his family. Indeed, one of the [Read more…]