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Guest Contributor Richard Conradi: Half of all adults fail to discuss end-of-life wishes

Note from Rabbi Address:  Richard Conradi is a member of a congregation in London and has been working with his congregation and others regarding raising awareness of end of life planning from Jewish point of [Read more…]

Colestown Cemetery, Cherry Hill -- Photographed July 24, 2011 by Shelly Lubetkin. Used by Permission.
D'vrei Torah

The liberation of our own end: Accepting the reality of our own finitude

Much has been written and discussed in recent years about our own confrontation with death. Endless books and articles have been written about how one can relate to the death of a loved one. Every [Read more…]

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Care-Giving Concerns

Having “the talk”

Several of my friends who are also caregivers for their elderly parents to one degree or another, kept telling me that I needed to have “the talk” with my parents. “The talk” was a discussion [Read more…]