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Creating a deathbed playlist – New York Times

This article about creating a deathbed music playlist appeared in the New York Times this Sunday. With a number of discussions and resources on our site pointing to materials about having productive end-of-life discussions, we [Read more…]

Jewish Baby Boomers

New York Times article: Don’t call me a boomer

Richard Pérez-Peña’s article in the New York Times, “I May Be 50, but Don’t Call Me a Boomer,” is an entertaining look at why demographic labels may not always be welcomed.

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Care-Giving Concerns

New York Times offers advice about assisted living for aging relatives

In a two-part series in its Boomers section, The New York Times is offering advice from Deborah Drelich, a geriatric care social worker and founder of a resource website, NY Eldercare Consultants, about important considerations [Read more…]

Brooke Hopkins and Peggy Battin
Care-Giving Concerns

NY Times Magazine explores ‘The right to die, the will to live’ in article about bioethicist’s husband

“If Margaret Pabst Battin hadn’t had a cold that day, she would have joined her husband, Brooke Hopkins, on his bike ride. Instead Peggy (as just about everyone calls her) went to two lectures at [Read more…]

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D'vrei Torah

The Coming Generational Conflict: It’s Our Fault Again!

For some reason, in recent months there has been a rise of articles detailing the fact that Boomers are now a major factor in the decline of our economic well being. We have the “chutzpah” [Read more…]

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D'vrei Torah

Whistle a happy tune…

Remember The King and I? It was Anna’s song in which she gave us the psycho-spiritual insight that whenever we feel afraid the best thing to do is just whistle a happy tune. This was [Read more…]

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Care-Giving Concerns

Important New York Times article about long-term care planning

A hat-tip to Rabbi Jennifer Gertman for pointing out this New York Times article, “Ignore Long-Term Care Planning at Your Peril,” by Ron Lieber. The costs of long-term care can be frightening, and insurance bought [Read more…]