Jewish Baby Boomers

Elder abuse is focus of Boomer Generation Radio April 8 program

Denise Getgen, chief of protective services for the Pennsylvania Department of Aging, discusses elder abuse with Rabbi Address on the April 8 Boomer Generation Radio program, in the opening segment sponsored by Kendal Corporation. Visit [Read more…]

Guests on the April 1 Boomer Generation Radio are Randi Redmond Oster, author of the book Questioning Protocol about advocating for better patient management, and Paul Greenwood, deputy district attorney in San Diego, who prosecutes cases of elder abuse.
Care-Giving Concerns

Boomer Generation Radio April 1 show discusses patient care management and elder abuse

On the April 1 Boomer Generation Radio show, Rabbi Address speaks with Randi Redmond Oster, a writer, engineer and mother who is a passionate advocate for patient management reform. Oster is the author of QUESTIONING PROTOCOL: [Read more…]