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Seekers of Meaning 1/8/2021: Discussion of “Psalms in the Key of Healing,” book edited by Rabbi H. Rafael Goldstein, z”l

Rabbi JD Sacks and Cantor Dr. Rhoda Harrison, Ph.D. discuss their contributed chapters to a new book, “Psalms in the Key of Healing,” edited by Rabbi H. Rafael Goldstein, who died in late December shortly before the book’s scheduled publication in January. [Read more…]

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Inherent in Prayer is TIKVAH

I heard this somewhere and it has stuck with me because when I hear people say, “What good is prayer?” it makes me wonder if people didn’t pray, how could/would they hold on to HOPE [Read more…]

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A Ritual to Mark the End of Hanukkah, from Rabbi Susan Elkodsi

Rabbi Susan Elkodsi of the Malverne Jewish Center in Malverne, NY contributes a ritual to mark the end of Hanukkah, much as the Havdalah service marks the end of Shabbat.    


Guest Essay: Taharot in Pittsburgh

Editor’s Note: Alden Solovy writes the “To Bend Light” blog, where this essay originally appeared. He gave Jewish Sacred Aging permission to reprint it here. Solovy was a guest on the Seekers of Meaning Podcast in July. You [Read more…]