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Jewish Sacred Aging contributor Simona Hadjigeorgalis discusses wellness on Boomer Generation Radio

Health and wellness expert Simona Hadjigeorgalis is the January 7, 2014 guest on Boomer Generation Radio, Rabbi Richard Address’s radio talk show heard weekly on WWDB-AM 860 in Philadelphia. About Simona Hadjigeorgalis Simona Hadjigeorgalis is [Read more…]

hamentashen at Purim
Health and Wellness Programs

Purim, Merriment, and Wellness

Purim merriment is upon us. As we laugh and feel joy, we are inviting in health and well being. Can you feel it? The hamentashen, the grape juice, and the masquerading The Megillah reading and [Read more…]

sugar cravings may be a sign of stress
Health and Wellness Programs

Desserts spelled backward

  Stressed is desserts spelled backward.   As a dessert-lover, I am not suggesting that savoring a sweet treat is a sign of stress.  However, when our enjoyment escalates into cravings, it is a good time [Read more…]