Sandy picks up her granddaughters, Kami and Ari, from Camp Newman, the Reform camp in Santa Rosa, CA.
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You Are Invited…To Participate in the Jewish Baby Boomer Legacy Project!

You have a story. It is your legacy. For some, your journey may seem ordinary and mundane while for others, your journey may seem filled with ups and downs, with more than uncommon experiences. Whatever [Read more…]

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Time…Oy Vey, Where is IT and Where did IT Go?

Approaching: 2018…how does that resonate with you? Make you shudder? Make you wonder where all the years have gone? Make you leery/apprehensive/disbelieving that it wasn’t yesterday that you were turning 18? Oy, those were the [Read more…]

Sandy Taradash's family tours Israel. From left: granddaughter Shayna, daughter Marni, and grandson Jacob
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Technology, Israel and a Bat Mitzvah!

-OMG! – Heavens to Murgatroid! – WTF! -Holy Moley! -Oy Gevalt! -WTH! -Heavens to Betsy! -Oy Vey! -Fiddlesticks! This is a fine kettle of fish we’re in when we can’t understand the language of our [Read more…]

"A New Normal?" by Randy Heinitz, via (Creative Commons License)
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Is This the New Normal?

What is happening in this world? As a kid you couldn’t imagine saying the year that didn’t start with 19 let alone say 2016 and live to write the year 20-something, for that would ensure [Read more…]

Sandy Taradash and her grandchildren at Disneyland, Anaheim, CA. Sandy says she bought each of them a t-shirt that matches their personality.
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Ride that E Ticket in Disneyland on Your 70th Birthday!

That dreaded birthday was approaching and I realized I had been 70 for my entire 69th year! The day after my birthday I felt so relieved that it was over! What was that anticipation all [Read more…]

At a parking lot in Israel, the number of available spaces has been replaced by a Passover greeting (Joe Goldberg photo via under Creative Commons license)
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Pass Over

  I can hear the Russian accents shrayening Yiddish barbs at one another, “You draykop!” “You’re such a shmendrick!” “Of course the goyim don’t understand!” This is the normal conversation and banter from Bubbe and [Read more…]