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Life Data Forms for “the Conversation” about End of Life Decisions

These Life Data forms have been prepared to serve as a basis for starting the “Conversation” among families. Download the PDF file and use it as a guide in your discussions. A Time to Prepare [Read more…]

Reflections on Aging

Passover and Parents

What is the proper role for children faced with caregiving for parents? Psychologist Elana Grumbacher explores the issues and the challenges of having “The Conversation” with aging parents. [Read more…]

Health and Wellness Programs

Dr. Donald Friedman: Dying Well – Observations from bioethicist Arthur L. Caplan

I heard a talk last year by Arthur Leonard Caplan, PhD, a well known and well respected bioethicist, who presently is the Director of the Division of Bioethics at New York University.  His talk to [Read more…]

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon meets new immigrant soldiers during the traditional reception on Sukkot holiday at the prime minister's residence in Jerusalem. GPO photo by Ohayon Avi.
D'vrei Torah

A lesson from Ariel Sharon’s passing

This is not a political piece. Not by any stretch. Then again, I guess everything can be considered political in some sense. I recently began a class in my congregation on Responsa; the traditional literary [Read more…]

Reflections on Aging

Bad News: Dancing with our Contract With God….

I just received news that an old friend passed away. For ten years I served as the Rabbi of Congregation B’nai B’rith in Santa Barbara. For ten years my friend, in addition to serving on [Read more…]